Below are some of the projects I am or have been involved in, as well as things I’ve built and released.

Companies & Commercial Projects

Block 8 Digital

Block 8 Digital was a small digital agency I founded to help deliver a better experience to companies seeking to build web applications and systems for their business. We worked closely with companies to ensure that the software development process didn’t feel like rocket science!

Open Source Projects


PHPCI is a free and open source continuous integration tool specifically designed for PHP. You can find out more about it on the project web site, or on the Github project page.


Chill is a small and simple open source PHP library for working with CouchDb databases. You can find it on Github.

b8 Framework

b8 framework is a lightweight, simple framework for high-throughput PHP applications. It does not enforce a specific type of application, nor particularly an application structure, it simply helps you to build things.

We’ve used the framework to build web sites, APIs, and web applications, each handling tens of millions of requests a month. b8 framework was also used to build PHPCI. This project can also be found on Github.

PHP Docblock Checker

PHP Docblock Checker is a simple tool that scans your PHP projects to ensure that all classes and methods have docblocks, and that they match their respective method signatures.