Web Development

Lead Developer On-Demand

If you need something doing, but don’t have the time or the skills in-house to get it done, I can help. I can cover any part of the process, including project planning, development, or managing your existing development team through a build. I’m happy to look at projects of any size, from a few hours to a few months.

Read on for some examples of the kind of projects I could help you with.

Web Applications

More and more businesses are relying on web-based tools to support them day-to-day, these can include anything from sales management tools to bespoke web site content management systems.

I’ve worked on tools that have helped international insurance companies bring in tens of millions of pounds of new business, automated time-wasting processes for teams, and lead the development of multiple large-scale web site management platforms.

Systems Development

Systems development is building the kind of tools that make things tick behind the scenes. These kind of projects run in the background doing important tasks like keeping websites up to date, synchronising with data suppliers, scraping data or simply making sure that your data is kept in tip-top condition.

I can help build systems of all shapes and sizes.


The simplest and most common type of project, website development. This can be anything from adding a feature to an existing website, to developing a brand new website from scratch. I’ve worked on a huge range of different types of websites, all the way from local accountants to national radio stations, and from WordPress builds right through to completely bespoke platforms.

Contact me to discuss your web development requirements.