Hello! I'm

Dan Cryer

Hello! I’m Dan Cryer, a technical leader and software development specialist based in Cheshire UK. I currently lead the technical team at Gear4music.com as Technical Operations Director.

I come from a software development background, specialising primarily in DevOps, PHP, databases, .NET and related technologies. These days my role is more about leadership, people management and effective delivery of work within technology teams.

How can I help you?

Digital Consultancy

Not every business that needs web-based systems has the skills in house to design and plan such a system, or to find the right people to build it for them. I can help to fill that gap.

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Web Development

If you just need some extra hands, don’t have some specific skills in-house, or are just simply too busy, I am available for short to medium term projects as an experienced senior developer.

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Server Management

In addition to PHP development, I’ve spent a lot of time in my career managing Linux servers. I am available for hire for one-off server set-up, or on a retainer for ongoing server management.

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