About Dan

I’m Dan Cryer, a freelance web developer living in Bollington, Cheshire. I’ve been doing development professionally for over 15 years now, and as a hobby since my early teens. I’ve been involved in more projects than I could or would want to count.

Prior to setting up on my own, I was managing the development team at Real and Smooth Radio. In the year or so I was there, we built a web publishing platform and launched nine web sites using it.

I enjoy spending time with family and being outdoors. I volunteer with Bollington Air Cadets, where I’m the Officer Commanding of the squadron.


For those interested, here’s a brief list of technologies I’m experienced with:

  • PHP (from PHP 4 through to PHP 7)
  • Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS)
  • Nginx, Varnish, Apache
  • Go / Golang
  • JavaScript, JQuery, JSON, Ext JS, Node.JS
  • Google Cloud, incl. Compute Engine, Kubernetes, App Engine, Load Balancing, etc.
  • Amazon APIs / CloudSearch / Route 53 / S3 / CloudFront
  • Facebook API / Twitter API / Google Analytics API
  • MySQL / Microsoft SQL Server / PostgreSQL / SQLite
  • CouchDb / Memcached / Beanstalkd (+Pheanstalk)
  • Microsoft .NET / C# / Visual Basic .NET
  • XML / XPath / XSL / XSLT