Young Rewired State

Next week, I’m going to be volunteering as a mentor at Young Rewired State at Madlab in Manchester. It is a really exciting opportunity for me, as it is exactly the sort of event I would have loved to get involved in when I was in my teens, teaching myself to code. I taught myself Visual Basic 6, determined that I was going to launch my own game, and eventually ASP, then PHP, which has become the basis of my career to date.

Young Rewired State is a week long event, aimed at children and teenagers who are driven to teach themselves to code. The young coders gather in centres around the UK for five days and are encouraged to build something cool using open data. At the end of the week, they and their mentors gather in Birmingham for a massive show and tell, with prizes!

I can’t say I really have any clue what I’ll spend the week doing, yet, but I can’t wait. If you’ve ever mentored at YRS or you’re going to be at YRS in Manchester this year, I’d love to hear from you!